X-1FBO’s Integrated modules automate FBO operations and transaction processing.


Customer Service

With the X-1FBO CSM, FBOs can create a new request or edit an existing request in seconds. In the same New Request screen, FBOs can create a customer profile, associate or add a new Aircraft from one simple to use view. All services are configurable, so managers can have all of the most important information on the same Dashboard page. We understand that information arrives quickly, so the platform is built to allow the user to input the information quickly without having to write it down.


X-1FBO has taken the normal Customer Service function and created a Super Customer Service Rep. CSRs now have visibility into everything relating to Customer Service, as well as Dispatch. They have visibility into who performed each service, when it was completed, change the priority of when the service must be performed and view where the Aircraft is on the ramp or in a hangar. Customer Service now has a powerful tool with all important information at their fingertips.


Arrival + Departure Board

X-1FBO’s innovative Arrival and Departure Boards display real time information via either a feed from within the FBO or from the Aircraft Operator directly via our Request on the Fly Module. The data on the Board is automatically organized in order of priority by Arrival and Departure times and is displayed, no matter whether the arrival is a Quick Turn, Short Stay or Remaining Overnight.


All requested services and special notes populate the Board automatically. When a service is completed, it is displayed in real time. The LST also has the ability to leave specific notes and even pictures under the request of service, as well as a note in the AC record. Notifications can be set to be sent out internally within the FBO and even to the pilot as well.


Accounts Receivable + Accounts Payable

The X-1FBO Automated A/R and A/P module enables secure, rapid and cost-effective recording and viewing of receivables and payables transactions. Payments received or made can be applied to one or multiple invoices. The status of invoices related to individual customers or vendors is easily accessed. The dates and amounts of payments from customers and to vendors is displayed in an easy to read format.


Invoice + Payment

The Invoice and Payment Module (“IPM”) enables FBOs of any size to consolidate and centralize all payments, incoming and outgoing. The IPM is a one of a kind platform with the ability to invoice, manage A/R, as well as process payments of any type. It can reconcile customer accounts and handle disputes. Uniquely, we can advance funds to approved FBOs through GMSTEK Credit promptly and efficiently.


The IPM also enables control of payables through the state of the art vendor portal. It facilitates rapid and efficient processing of vendor invoices, disputes and payments. This powerful tool will make your interactions with customers and vendors easy and cost-effective.


Pricing + Inventory

Having accurate and easily editable pricing and inventory information available is critical to efficient operations and maximizing margins. The Pricing and Inventory Module has configurable screens for easy input and changing data. Further, the data in the Pricing and Inventory Module populates other modules seamlessly as needed, promoting reliable and efficient operations.


Fuel Management

Now FBOs can completely control their Fuel Supply Chain System. If the FBO has a fuel farm or consortium of fuel, our configurable FMS can completely automate the process of managing, ordering and auditing the Fuel Chain Inventory. With X-1FBO, FBOs can close the Fuel Farm and Fuel Trucks with a single click. No more chasing down fuel tickets and placing them on a fuel truck log or not posting a new load to inventory. The complete fuel process is automated. The FMM can manage fuel lots with the specific gallon, cost and supplier information.


We have also digitally created the ability to stick the tanks by entering the inches. The system then populates the physical inventory calculation. The ability to report, and view detailed analysis regarding fuel cost, margins and projections, is all within the X-1FBO platform. Safety is very important, the Quality Control Module (QCM) assists in getting the FBO in compliance with the latest ATA 103 Guidelines.