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Newly Advanced Integrated Circuit Board.

The completely redesigned board offers several advantages over discreet component circuit boards including: improved reliability, better performance, and a simpler design.

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Upgraded LTE Module

The new globally certified Quectel module provides enhanced coverage and stability in low-signal conditions, improved security in an IoT focused design.

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Innovative SubSytems

These innovative systems include enhanced GPS location data, Bluetooth connection with X-1 SinglePoint to, Wi-Fi diagnostics, and real-time CANBus connection providing vehicle health and operational data.

TCS 3000 Register Enhancements

Enhancements for the TCS 3000 Register includes E-ticket recovery from post-transmissions, S-Ticket download option to reduce download duration, and Remote TCS 3000 control.

Functional New Case Design

New case design includes informative display for metric monitoring, diagnostic LEDs, reset and power options, and an integrated MIMO antenna.

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