What is X-1 SinglePoint?

X-1 SinglePoint is a mobile app from the X-1 Suite of FBO technology solutions, made exclusively for line service technicians. It allows them to complete aircraft services in real time, access the schedule for the week, and register all the ins and outs of your fuel inventory while automating the process, streamlining into the main system for immediate billing. It is a user-friendly solution that can simplify your operation, making the customer experience one of a kind.

An App that 'Gets It'

The key skills to have on the ramp is being proactive and efficient, and SinglePoint (SP) helps achieve just that. It minimizes radio chatter by streamlining all requests into SP, even prioritized services that have been dispatched and need a quicker response.

Pop-ups? LSTs can add a pop-up arrival to the schedule from SP and input a fuel order, hook up the truck and hit start before the crew gets in the lobby.

Fueling is submitted and any other aircraft service, updating the service request in X-1FBO which is now one click away for the CSR to create an invoice and bill the customer right away.

X-1 Cloud Connect