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X-1FBO's Green E-Mission


X-1FBO's Green E-Mission

Throttle Back on Emissions with X-1FBO's Carbon Offset Feature

X-1FBO, the FBO Management and Payment Processing System software specialist, is making going green as easy as saying “yes!” with the launch of their new Carbon Emissions Offset Tool. Just ahead of World Earth Day, the new feature allows FBOs to offer operators a simple, yet speedy method of offsetting fuel burn emissions per metric ton, while contributing towards the funding of greenhouse gas reduction projects such as wind farms and methane digesters.

Teaming up with terrapass™, X-1FBO now offers a real, quick, inexpensive method for operators to enhance their environmental credentials.

All stations using the X-1FBO software system are receiving the X-1FBO Green E-Mission plug-in, which includes a flight leg fuel burn calculator... free.

“At a time when the aviation industry is seeking to play its part in creating a better environment for the future,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Jim Wiley, at the launch. “We believe that our Green E-Mission initiative is an innovative, valuable additional tool to our FBO customers and the X-1FBO system.”

If you'd like to learn more about how this works you can request a demo here:

Joe McDermott

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