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X-1 Pilot is an industry first mobile app that brings the power of a digital wallet to aviation and allows real-time service statuses. With X-1 Pilot, crew members will be able to easily store and manage any payment method they have, from contract fuel cards to credit cards. Once an invoice is ready all the crewmember has to do is scan a QR code and the invoice is paid and is on the way to their email instantly!

Coming soon to X-1 Pilot is the ability for flight crews to create or view a request directly from within the app. With your request you can see all services you requested and the status or add any new services – last-minute ones too! From the FBO perspective consider your based tenants being able to directly enter and manage pull out requests or fuelings from a simple intuitive app that flows directly into your FBO software! 

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Do you have the card?

Ever leave a card in the plane or at the front desk? Looking for the right card through the stack of aviation cards on your aircraft can be a bit tedious. X-1 Pilot keeps all cards in the digital wallet. Contactless payments are made by simply scanning a QR code to pay for invoices. Update card info, sign invoices, send your signature to the FBO, all with one app!



Know when your fueling is done!

With the soon to be released, My Trips section of the app flight crews can check the status of all services requested, and services or create new requests. They can even change or cancel a service – the FBO will receive it directly! The crewmembers can know the exact moment your fueling was completed on the way into the FBO in the hotel shuttle!


Sir, your car will be planeside.

Passenger, Pilot, Plane - When an FBO handles these in the right order they succeed. With X-1 Pilot when a crew member makes a request for the boss’s vehicle to wait planeside… they can see when the FBO has marked it on the ramp, ready for arrival! Or, better yet, let the boss know her granddaughter is at the FBO waiting for her. Informed pilots make for happy pax. 

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Paying at your favorite FBOs has never been easier  

  • Save credit cards and Contract fuel cards - X-1 Pilot allows you to save just about any card you carry today, from your Colt card to your American Express card. 

  • Contactless payments - Pay instantly via payment QR codes and digital signatures. The process is as simple as scanning the X-1PAY Point-of-Sale Terminal.   

  • View past invoices - See what you've paid on the app. X-1 Pilot displays of the last ten invoices paid by each card in your wallet!

  • Simplified Card Management - X-1 Pilot can be integrated into any existing systems. This will allow card providers and large fleet operators advanced card management options.


Even the registration and log in are simple

Even the app registration process has been modernized. Leveraging AI, all you need to do is have a brief conversation to get all of your info into the app to register. 


  • Scan the QR code at the FBO or visit the App Store or Play Store on your device to download the app

  • Download X-1 Pilot 

  • Chat with our registration agent in the app to get your name and number

  • Log in is as simple as entering your mobile number. 

Pilots and Flight crews are automatically entered to win prizes every time you use the X-1 Pilot app. Click the button below to learn more about how to enter yourself and your favorite CSR. 

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X-1 Pilot connects you directly to your FBO

Ever show up to the airport and the aircraft hasn't been pulled or fueled up? How many calls does your FBO get to verify the catering has arrived each day?

X-1 Pilot will be adding the My Trips section to the app in early 2021. With My Trips operators, tenants and others will be able to self-service for requests or be able to view and update requests made by phone or other mean.

X-1 Pilot intends to bring full control and visibility in real time to pilots, FBOs and operators. Want to learn more about My Trips or join the My Trips beta program? Click the link below.   


See how X-1 Pilot Can Help Manage Card Programs


Integrations and connections are critical to digital transformation. X-1 Pilot was built to accommodate any payment method and multiple systems. Working with the X-1 team we can offer contactless payment integrations into other FBO platforms, MRO, Contract Fuel programs, Flight Training and more.


Want to learn more about integration opportunities, click here

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