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More than just flight tracking! X-1TRX provides a fully integrated flight tracking solution from directly within your operations software.

Track and update arrivals and departures automatically for your entire operation, reduce the number of blocked tail numbers and gain access to new intelligence and metrics.


X-1TRX shows you if an aircraft has a request of fueling in X-1FBO or if it is scheduled to depart the same day and will even display a quick turn icon to notify you if a scheduled departure is within an hour of the arrival.

With X-1TRX you will be able to understand the traffic and uplift potential of your airport's arrivals and departures, as well as identify key opportunities to increase customer yield. 


Don't miss tail numbers

X-1TRX leverages one of the world's largest ADS-B networks along with data from 9 different sources provided by our friends at AirNav Systems. With real-time data and intelligent algorithms your FBO will have the best situational awareness possible. 


X-1TRX is available to anyone

While X-1TRX can be completely integrated into our X-1FBO platform, it can also be used as a standalone flight tracking solution. With the clean FBO focused user interface and settings that allow the FBO to show only what they need to see, X-1TRX is your best FBO flight tracking option.


Access the most reliable data

Leverage the most accurate and timely information in business aviation with our latest integration. X-1FBO now brings you the premier online market research provided by AMSTAT from directly in the platform. Use AMSTAT data for research or to update and complete customer profiles or aircraft data information within X-1FBO. 

X-1TRX Reports Image.png

Need custom project specific reports and analysis?

Now with our associates at Corvis Partners we can deliver timely business intelligence to North America’s business aviation market including airports, FBOs, ground service providers and fuel distributors.  Corvis Partners provide market analysis, data visualizations and historical activity reports that supply actionable insights to measure, maintain and increase market share.

Single month reports, discounted annual subscriptions and custom reports are available

  • Operations Analysis - Is the business aviation activity at my airport keeping pace with my market area? Is my market area keeping pace with the National Airspace?

  • Fuel Analysis - What is the total estimated business aviation consumption of Jet A and Avgas in my market area and is my airport keeping pace?

  • Aircraft Analysis - What changes can we identify in the business aviation fleet mix and utilization? Historical and aggregated data from over 80,000 aircraft IDs are included for a comprehensive view.

  • Airport Analysis - Detailed arrival and departure reports for business aviation activity.


X-1TRX features are focused around the FBO and Handler business like nothing else!

The X-1TRX flight tracking solution is focused on your FBO’s operational needs and provides intelligent business aviation specific filtering options. Much more than just flight tracking! X-1TRX provides a fully integrated solution from directly within your operations software.

Multiple Data Sources - Powered by multiple data sources, including global ADS-B data, our solution provides the real-time aircraft activity updates your operation requires for tactical “day of operations”

Historical Data - For historical “post operations”, we have integrated tools to dive deep into the data to find new business and measure growth. With your own ADS-B Receiver track shut down location data!

Display more Aircraft - The display of FAA blocked aircraft is a large concern for the aircraft operators; however, we know how the ground service providers can provide better service knowing the arriving aircraft and tying them to requests. Our solution honors the privacy of FAA blocked flight IDs for public facing displays via account settings and connects the aircraft to your existing requests.

With X-1TRX you will be able to understand the traffic and uplift potential of your airport's arrivals and departures, as well as identify key opportunities to increase customer yield. 

FBO Focused Tracking.png



Your own ADS-B


Install XRange to enhance your ADS-B data with your own receiver. Your station will help collect data from start up to shut down. All you need is a network connection and power.

Blocked Tail.png

Reduce Blocked

Tail Numbers

With the innovative FBO centric X-1TRX platform aircraft can be tied directly to your requests to help reduce blocked tail numbers. Public displays, if needed keep the tails numbers hidden.




Mange what categories of aircraft you see and don't see. Filter by status and more. With settings and filters you are in full control of your display.



Consolidated Data

With X-1TRX you can there is more data to view. Click on an aircraft and see complete flight details, ETA, data sources and more. X-1TRX allows the FBO to better plan resources. 


X-1TRX features are focused around the FBO and Handler business like nothing else!

In addition to providing accurate and timely tracking data there are other features and tools in development for X-1TRX. 

  • Integrated notifications - Line and Customer Service can receive alerts right from their X-1 SinglePoint device that takes them right to the aircraft request, so they are prepared for arrival!

  • Vendor Alerts - Use the vendor self-service kiosks from X-1 Media and allow your vendors, like your car service driver to be automatically alerted when the aircraft lands.

  • Opportunity Analysis - with the combination of X-1TRX flight tracking data and your transactional data, X-1FBO will be able to help identify potential new customers and opportunities to improve uplift from existing customers.

  • CRM - All of these features combined with a new customer profile will give your FBO the most powerful CRM tools ever to grace general aviation. 

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