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The X-1 Cloud Connect is a cutting-edge IoT device that facilitates seamless communication between handheld devices, fuel trucks, electronic registers, and the cloud. The latest generation device includes full GPS tracking capabilities and can provide truck telematics including chassis fault codes, fuel and mileage.


Specifically tailored for modern fueling operations, the X-1FBO designed and manufactured X-1 Cloud Connect offers real-time metrics, quick system checks, and efficient installation, making fueling more precise and efficient.


Next Generation Technology

The 3rd generation X-1 Cloud Connect seamlessly integrates with the TCS 3000 Register and includes:


  • Streamlined Installation and Set-up

  • Advanced board designed for signal strength

  • Additional Power Supply Options

  • Globally Certifed LTE Module

  • Improved workflow and faster ticket capture

  • Full GPS tracking capabilities

  • LCD Status display with Improved Diagnostics

  • Truck Telematics (additional hardware required)

Elevate your fueling operations with the X-1 Cloud Connect's blend of innovation and precision.

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The X-1 Cloud Connect has be redesigned to be smarter and easier and to provide valuable data to help manager your operations. 


  • Location Data

    • Real-time GPS tracking

    • Historical route data

    • Geofencing alerts

  • Bluetooth with X-1 SinglePoint: Validates truck selection from proximate CCs. X-1 SinglePoint devices will “know” what truck they are in a prevent fuelers from selecting the wrong truck.

  • Wi-Fi Diagnostics: Direct CC diagnostics via X-1 SinglePoint. Using just your X-1 SinglePoint device you can troubleshoot and update your X-1 Cloud Connect devices right on the ramp.

  • Real-Time CANBus: Immediate data acquisition from fuel truck chassis. (Note: Integration with the X-1FBO and the trucks CANBus device is in progress.) The new telematics functionality requires additional hardware and will provide the following data:

    • Vehicle Health​ (diagnostics, fuel efficiency, maintenance, and alerts​

    • Operational Data​ (mileage, engine hours, start & stop times, rates​

Receive ALL this data in addition to comprehensive data collected from other sensors and the trucks registers.

TCS 3000 Register Enhancements

  • E-TICKET RECOVERY: Retrieve E-tickets from the TCS 3000 post-transmission. This enables your LSTs to move onto the next fueling without having to wait to submit the fuel ticket.

  • S-TICKET DOWNLOAD OPTION: Reduces ticket download duration. We’ve taken an approach using the TCS 3000 to speed up the ticket transmission by only getting the smallest ticket and then retrieving full details after the operation.

  • REMOTE TCS 3000 Control: Lock the TCS 3000 keypad during key operations. This prevents fuelers from interrupting the operation and enables accurate data EVERY time.

Improved Case & Diagnostics

  • INFORMATIVE LCD DISPLAY: Monitor metrics like signal strength, truck number, and more.

  • IMPROVED DIAGNOSTICS: Three status indicators for quick system checks, display status feedback and Z-1 SinglePoint connection capability. 

  • RESET AND POWER OPTIONS: Improved reset abilities for devices without serial connector removal and an auxiliary power connector for non-standard trucks.

  • INTEGRATE MIMI ANTENNA: In addition to a board designed around improved reception the new device provides a combined LTE and GPS for improved signal and a streamlined installation.

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