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Line Service Tech having some fun at ASI in Kentucky
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Great service sells. Imagine how your customers will react when they get off their planes and the LST says "All your requested services are ready and standing by!" instead of "What can we get you?" X-1 SinglePoint can make the customer experience at your FBO proactive instead of reactive.


When an aircraft arrives at the FBO, there's a good chance they've already communicated the services they need more than once. Usually a call from dispatch and maybe a confirmation on ARINC at minimum. Yet, more often than not, the first thing a line service technician will ask when the door opens is "What can we get you?" With the full request in her hands, the LST could easily become proactive instead.


Confirm services in real-time

Just completed the lav on your last arrival? You can let everyone know as soon as you're done by tapping a button. The icon turns green and we can even send that information directly back to the aircraft operator. While you already have the lav cart out, just check the services list and see if there are any other pending lav services to complete.


Less chatter, fewer mistakes

Great service sells. With X-1 SinglePoint, your ramp will know everything that's going on and who needs what. No more asking the crew "What can we get you?" after they already told you on the phone and the radio. Instead, read off a list of all of their requests and let them know you're on top of your operation and their needs.


Direct connections to fueling

X-1 SinglePoint doesn't just allow you to keep up with everything going on at the FBO; it's the most direct connection ever to your fueling operation. You can go completely paperless in your fueling operation because X-1 SinglePoint can smartly perform every operation that your fuel truck is capable of. This is the app that changes the game.

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Technology makes it to the FBO and Handler ramp.

X-1 SinglePoint is nothing less than a revolution on the FBO ramp. For the first time, line service technicians and fuelers will have all of the FBO’s information at their fingertips!

  • Real time access to your schedule from the ramp allows proactive service.

  • Complete services from anywhere and have them on the invoice instantly.

  • Replace radios and use the latest technology that allows you to group users easily, replay missed messages and more.

X-1 SinglePoint will change how you manage your FBO.



That is how easy a fueling is...

X-1 Cloud Connect Hardware


If you hate fuel tickets and truck sheets, you’ll love X-1 SinglePoint and X-1 Cloud Connect. Fuel orders go directly to the truck electronically. Accurate billing can happen immediately. In addition, inventory is balances are updated immediately. CSRs and LSTs alike will find that their jobs become easier to do without having to worry about how fast information becomes available and how accurate the information is. Truck sheets and tickets can go digital, even if you don’t have electronic registers.


X-1 SinglePoint puts the FBO in your hands

Because the software is built by people who have fueled airplanes, done lavs and been behind the front desk, it knows what your job is and helps you do it without getting in the way.

  • Easily view what services still need to be done

  • See what's going out tomorrow

  • Ensure the customer has everything they need

  • Replace your radios with new flexible technology

  • Replay missed radio messages

With X-1 SinglePoint, the ramp becomes a proactive part of creating the best customer experience possible.


The S Series is the definition of rugged

Meet the S series of rugged devices. The S80 houses a huge battery with 1,380 hours of standby time. The S80 also includes “built-In digital mobile radio standard that allows communications with no network.” Digital Radio is also available on the S90 as an add on. The S80 shares other specifications with the S97 Pro like:


  • IP68, IP69K 

  • MIL-STD-810G standards 

  • 10,000+ mAh battery

  • Resistant to 99% of dust 

  • They work in temperatures from -22°F to 140F° (-30°C to 60°C).

Ask us for a demonstration of the most capable ramp hardware available.

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