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Ramp Binoculars are for Bird Watching, not Bird Tracking

Automated Aircraft Tracking & Invoicing

Our new airport focused software solution integrates automated aircraft tracking using our X-1TRX data, smart invoicing, and payment processing. This new module sets a new standard for efficiency for airport operations and aircraft operators.

X-1TRX Flight Tracking

X-1TRX integrates with X-1 Landing, ensuring accurate monitoring and tracking of all landings through state-of-the-art technology. This comprehensive tracking not only includes flight information, but also provides aircraft ownership and management details for convenient billing purposes. 

Learn more about X-1TRX HERE.

Automated Invoices

Smart, end-of day invoicing populates the automated fees based on aircraft characteristics such as size, weight, category, or customer-negotiated rates. X-1 Landing's smart invoicing will email the invoices to the customer for payment. This can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly.

Customer Portal Integration

In addition to invoice to email, airports have the option to use a personalized Customer Portal where they can create user profiles for selected customers. Customers can access their accounts to see a comprehensive overview of their landing activities and view and pay their invoices. Additionally, they can even use the bulk pay feature to pay multiple invoices in one transaction.


Eliminate Data Entry All Together

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What Our Clients Say

"We are very excited about introducing this new product for our loyal, Morristown Airport users, X-1 Landing is going to enable us to provide an even higher level of convenience and reliability for our valued customers.”



Airport Manager, Morristown Airport

Learn more how you can implement automation and efficiency for your airport or aircraft operation.


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