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X-1FBO Leads the Way in FBO Software and Commends NBAA's VBACE Efforts

November 27, 2020

As we embark on our very first virtual conference as an industry, GMSTEK is pleased to announce that X-1FBO is now used by FBOs in Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and Europe.

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Fast, Touchless, Cost-Effective Payment Comes to the FBO – Introducing new X-1PAY features

June 27, 2020

Palmetto Bay, FL – GMSTEK, LLC (“GMSTEK”), the developer and marketer of the industry leading X-1FBO suite of software and hardware products for General Aviation, today announced the launch of new features for X-1PAY.  For the first time, FBOs can accept touchless payments anywhere at the FBO and they can do it with lower cost X-1PAY Direct Debit Transactions.


FBO transactions always take longer than they should. The last thing pilots want to do at the end of a visit to an FBO is to stand in line waiting to pay as a CSR collects the information for an invoice. With X-1FBO and X-1PAY, invoices are instantaneous and accurate. With a pilot community that is getting younger the expectations around payment and the ease at which they can be performed continues to grow and the X-1FBO team is providing the solutions. And for FBOs, credit card processing costs continue to add up.  In a COVID-19 era, efficient and touchless payment are very attractive to FBO customers and FBOs alike.  



X-1FBO has not been slowed down by Covid-19

Jun 17, 2020

In February, GMSTEK whose X-1FBO Management and Payment Processing suite of products is designed to drive a digital transformation for FBOs, pilots and operators was moving along like any other successful early stage company.  Then the COVID-19 shutdown struck.

X-1FBO Announces the Promotion of Caroline Corrales

March 11, 2020

As the number of FBOs joining the X-1 Family continues to grow CEO Jim Wiley felt it was important to formalize the customer first approach behind X-1FBO and it support team


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