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Barbara Hunt Women Leaders of FBOs: Barbara Hunt, VP of Business Operation, Advanced Air, LLC/Jet Center Los Angeles

Women Leaders of FBOs: Barbara Hunt, VP of Business Operation, Advanced Air, LLC/Jet Center Los Angeles

March 17, 2021

X-1FBO continues to honor the woman leaders in our industry with our question-and-answer session with Jet Center Los Angeles' very own Barbara Hunt. Learn more about Barbara and share some of her wisdom in the link below. 

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Fast, Touchless, Cost-Effective Payment Comes to the FBO – Introducing new X-1PAY features

June 27, 2020

Palmetto Bay, FL – GMSTEK, LLC (“GMSTEK”), the developer and marketer of the industry leading X-1FBO suite of software and hardware products for General Aviation, today announced the launch of new features for X-1PAY.  For the first time, FBOs can accept touchless payments anywhere at the FBO and they can do it with lower cost X-1PAY Direct Debit Transactions.


FBO transactions always take longer than they should. The last thing pilots want to do at the end of a visit to an FBO is to stand in line waiting to pay as a CSR collects the information for an invoice. With X-1FBO and X-1PAY, invoices are instantaneous and accurate. With a pilot community that is getting younger the expectations around payment and the ease at which they can be performed continues to grow and the X-1FBO team is providing the solutions. And for FBOs, credit card processing costs continue to add up.  In a COVID-19 era, efficient and touchless payment are very attractive to FBO customers and FBOs alike.  



X-1FBO has not been slowed down by Covid-19

Jun 17, 2020

In February, GMSTEK whose X-1FBO Management and Payment Processing suite of products is designed to drive a digital transformation for FBOs, pilots and operators was moving along like any other successful early stage company.  Then the COVID-19 shutdown struck.

X-1FBO Announces the Promotion of Caroline Corrales

March 11, 2020

As the number of FBOs joining the X-1 Family continues to grow CEO Jim Wiley felt it was important to formalize the customer first approach behind X-1FBO and it support team


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