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X-1FBO Unveils it’s Next - Generation of X-1 Cloud Connect for Seamless Fuel Truck Operations


X-1FBO Unveils it’s Next - Generation of X-1 Cloud Connect for Seamless Fuel Truck Operations


X-1FBO Unveils it’s Next - Generation of X-1 Cloud Connect for Seamless Fuel Truck Operations

Miami, 10, Oct. 2023 — X-1FBO, a leader in FBO technology and fuel truck automation, proudly announces significant enhancements to its flagship product, X-1 Cloud Connect v2.9. These upgrades promise to revolutionize FBO fueling operations with enhanced efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness. X-1 Cloud Connect is at the forefront of fuel truck automation and data capture, committed to optimizing FBO fuel management with innovation and actionable information to drive FBO operations forward.

Advanced Cellular Module for Unrivaled Connectivity

The latest version of X-1 Cloud Connect introduces an advanced cellular module that elevates signal quality and stability to new heights. With this enhancement, customers can expect unparalleled reliability in data transmission, ensuring seamless communication between fuel trucks and the cloud-based platform.

Intuitive Status Display Screen

X-1 Cloud Connect now boasts a built-in screen that provides real-time information on the device's status and connectivity. This user-friendly feature empowers operators to monitor and troubleshoot with ease, ensuring uninterrupted fueling operations.

Telematics Integration for Comprehensive Data

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Coming soon, X-1 Cloud Connect will offer full GPS tracking and telematics transmission from compatible fuel truck chassis’. This capability will provide a holistic view of fuel truck performance and further optimize fuel management.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

Bobby Schmidgall, Operations Manager at Republic Jet Center, expressed their satisfaction, stating, "Republic Jet Center absolutely loves the new X-1 Cloud Connect. They are faster and connect a lot easier now. I would love to switch the rest of the fleet over to these!"

A Message from the CEO

Jim Wiley, CEO and co-founder of X-1FBO, emphasized the transformative nature of these advancements, saying, "From the drawing board to the ramp, we envisioned the X-1 Cloud Connect as the nexus of technology, data, and fueling efficiency. Today, seeing it connect devices, trucks, and the cloud with such precision, I’m proud to say we’re not just improving fuelling operations; we’re transforming how FBOs operate for the future."

These groundbreaking enhancements solidify X-1 Cloud Connect's position as an industry leader and offer FBOs compelling reasons to adopt this cutting-edge technology.

For more information about X-1 Cloud Connect and its latest features, please visit

About X-1FBO

X-1FBO is a general aviation focused technology company, created by FBO industry experts that offers tailored solutions to enhance FBO, Ground Handling Operations and payment technology across departments, from Customer Service to Fuel Management. Our integrated products boost efficiency, revenue, employee satisfaction, and margins, while seamlessly integrating with major fuel suppliers and existing tools. With a customer-centric approach, cutting-edge technology, and a dedicated team, X-1FBO sets the standard for FBO excellence.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Monica Sarduy, Vice President, Marketing
+1 (305) 608-8065

X-1FBO Marketing Team

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