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Receive Fuel Requests Online & Get Paid Faster

Cut down incoming phone calls and reduce request errors by allowing your customers to submit and pay for their own fuel orders via their new online portal account.


X-1 Portal is a convenient solution for your FBO customers to have more control over how fuel orders are received. Portal ensures all fuel orders are streamed into X-1FBO Core and X-1 SinglePoint to be dispatched without having to contact the FBO!

Manage Operators & Portal Users

Admin users can add and manage Operators profiles to associate with a specific fuel order and  assign permissions to the portal, as well as disable inactive users.

Track Requests

No need to guess, call, email or text the FBO of whether or not your requests have been completed. Customers can login to track the status of their requests from thier web browsers.

Pay Online & in Bulk

Not only will customers be able to pay online, but they can select more than one invoice to pay in one shot. Customers can choose to use their card on file or add a new form of payment to their acount to pay multiple invoices in a single, consolidated payment. 

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Add To a Fleet

Customers will have the ability to request an addition of a new aircraft to the fleet: From the Portal, customers can put in a request sent via email to the FBO so they can add a new tail number to their fleet.

Implement a simple and efficient way for your customers to submit their fuel orders.


A 21st Century Convenience and standard that helps the customer experience

An efficient, straightforward, and practical way for crew members and operators to have more autonomy when it comes to submitting their fuel orders. This will allow your staff to spend less time on the phone data entering and more time taking care of the clients in front of them.

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