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X-1PAY is a suite of tools and services designed to modernize the invoicing process at the FBO. With X-1PAY, you can get lower transaction costs and easier, faster payments, all while giving your customers a frictionless transaction.

You can use the advanced and rugged X-1PAY POS Terminal to accept cards anywhere, or use X-1PAY Direct Debit to lower costs. Whether you're an independent FBO in need of processing tools or a large chain looking to make your quick turn quicker, X-1PAY has the solution.


Get paid 22% faster

With X-1PAY, you can now send invoices and statements that include a link to pay directly from the email. Customers can pay by check or credit card, or you can select which options they have. Not only do customers pay faster when a link to pay is included in the invoice, but this feature also saves a great deal of time on A/R and collections.


Automatically collect payment

You can also set a customer up to be automatically charged by invoice or by statement. You can even set the number of days after which they'll be charged. For example, they could be billed on the first of the month, with a credit card or X-1PAY Direct Debit transaction automatically charged 5 days later so the customer has time to review it.


Swipe cards on the ramp

With X-1PAY you have access to a rugged Point-of-Sale Terminal that can be used to collect swiped payments anywhere there's cellular signal. With the new X-1PAY Contactless Payments and the X-1 Wallet app for Android and iOS, a line tech will even be able to collect payment from a flight crew member by pulling up a payment QR code on his X-1 SinglePoint device.



X-1PAY Direct Debit

X-1PAY gives you the ability to directly debit invoices from your customer's accounts. 

  • Save an average of more than $25 per transaction*

  • Reduces the A/R burden, improves cash flow

  • Transactions can be automatically billed and paid

Click the calculator below to find out how X-1PAY Direct Debit can increase your fuel margin and lower processing costs.

Pay Direct Debit.png



X-1PAY Point-of-Sale Terminal

X-1PAY offers a unique mobile device, the X-1PAY Point-of-Sale Terminal. This device can be used to give your customers at the counter a modern payment experience where they can sign, print and email the receipt—all from the device.

When the device is configured for the ramp, your line service techs, ramp agents and concierges can use it to collect swiped payments anywhere!

  • Rugged Design

  • 30mm thermal printer

  • Uses QR and UPC scanning, NFC and magstripe to read payments

  • PCI-PTS 4.1 Certified

The X-1PAY Point-of-Sale Terminal brings amazing new payment options to your operation.


New possibilities with the X-1 Wallet

Not only can the X-1PAY Point-of-Sale Terminal be used to collect payments from anywhere, but you'll soon be able to use it at the front desk to make paying EVEN easier for flight crews.

With the new X-1 Pilot app, flight crews will be able to store all their payment methods in their Android or iOS devices using the Wallet in the app. When it's time to pay, all the CSR has to do is queue up a QR code on the terminal. Once the pilot scans the code, your transaction is all done and the pilot gets her copy of the receipt automatically.

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