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Vice President of Customer Success

Caroline is an FBO veteran who started her career at KMIA when she was recruited by Landmark Aviation senior management, while working at a hotel the team was staying in Miami. Before joining X-1FBO, Caroline served as the Customer Service Manager for Fontainebleau Aviation at KOPF as part of the team that grew a brand new FBO into one of the leading independent FBOs in the nation.

Her outstanding capabilities and dedication to bringing about change and the digital transformation of the FBO business makes her the perfect Vice President of Customer Success for our organization. Caroline and her team are responsible for onboarding and training an entirely new way of operating an FBO with technology that is vastly different than what many of us have been using for the past 30 years. It is no small feat, introducing not just technology but bringing about innovative ideas and processes to FBOs across the world... and she excels at it. It is her patience and understanding of the business that enables her to communicate so effectively in her training and to enlighten FBOs in how to leverage the innovative technology behind X-1FBO.

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