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Automation on The Ramp: X-1 SinglePoint

The X-1 suite of technology solutions for FBOs includes an innovative mobile app called X-1 SinglePoint: a fueler app that can automate the ins and outs of the fuel inventory and streamline it to the main system. How does it work?

The Functionality

X-1 SinglePoint allows the ramp staff access to the daily schedule with all requested services where they can mark them completed, automatically showing them completed on X-1FBO. This allows front desk staff to track all ramp services in real time, cuts radio chatter -as it is not necessary to call out services and makes the operation quicker and more efficient.

With a cloud-based connection to the refueler's meters, a fuel ticket is completed in a three-step process after the fuel order is accepted by the fueler: Start, Stop, Submit.

All fuel tickets are streamlined into the main service request upon completion, ready to bill with a click.

The fueler app does not only offer more real time visibility but it's also a tool that empowers the Line Service personnel to be proactive with pop ups, receive fuel loads into the system while on the field, register all fuel operations including transfer and recirculation, complete services by category i.e. all pending Lavatories, all pending GPU, etc.

X-1 SinglePoint can also accommodate manual entry of fueling if the refueler does not meet the technical requirements for a cloud connection.

Watch this video to learn more about how the X-1 suite can manage your fuel inventory:

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