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FBO Closing Procedures with X-1

By Daiana Basanta, Marketing Lead at X-1FBO

Here are Best Practices for Closing Procedures

When Using X-1FBO

When your shift is over, it is important to follow a standard closing procedure to make sure everything is up to date and ready for the next day. There are three main areas you need to focus on when closing your day using X-1FBO: Service Requests, Invoicing and Fuel Management. Let us break down each of these.


1. Review Request List and enter any missing actual time of arrival/departure (not applicable for FBOs with X-1TRX integration).

a. Close or cancel any requests that are still open in X-1FBO at the end of the

shift if the aircraft is no longer onsite.

2. Review all Closed requests for the day to verify there is an invoice attached to each request.

3. Ensure that all invoices in working status are processed. Generally, the only invoices that should be in Working are for aircraft that are waiting to be invoiced on departure or some other known issue preventing them from being billed out. Accounting >Invoices > Working Tab


  1. Before batches close for the day, verify invoices to check for any errors by pulling the Sales by Customer/Detail report (Accounting/Reports).

  2. You may do an audit on each invoice line to verify that the correct price rule applied by clicking the button for each.

  3. Make any necessary invoice corrections (void payment/invoice).

  4. Review the Show Unbilled Fueling section in Fuel Management > Fuel Inventory to verify fuel tickets have an invoice attached.


  1. Verify gallons pumped vs. sold in Fuel Management > Reports > Fuel Pumped by Customer report.

  2. Verify there are no breaks or overlaps in the meters for the day by pulling the Breaks and Overlaps report (Fuel Management/Reports).

  3. Get confirmation of the current meter readings and Complete Daily Close in Fuel Management > Daily Close.


  • Ensure all arrivals and departures are entered for the next day

  • Close offline batches in Accounting > Batch Payments > Internal Offline > Select all transactions > Close Batch

  • Repeat the same steps above for all offline batches.

Every FBO is entitled to adjust closing procedures as they fit, adding other steps specific to their operation. Some may even choose to e-blast the Arrival/Departure board for the next day to the next shift to be aware of any early aircraft movement.

Opening and closing shifts are arguably the most important shifts of the day. Having a checklist in place and make it standard for all staff is a helpful tool to ensure the day runs smoothly.

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