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Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Cards must be changed out by 2/28/22.

Failure to not change out the old cards will result in interruption of service.

STEP 1: Change out the SIM Card on Your X-1SinglePoint Device

Tools You Will Need: Paperclip or SIM Tool

  1. Turn off your device.

  2. Remove the rubber flap, insert paper clip or sim tool into the small hole next to the SIM Card holder and slowly push down to release it.

  3. Using the paper clip or sim tool, remove the SIM card holder from the slot.

  4. Place the new SIM card into the holder as shown. Remove and discard old SIM card.

  5. Place the SIM Card and holder back into the slot, making sure that the Sim card holder is completely inside. You can use the sim tool or the paper clip to reinsert.

  6. Finally, turn the device on and continue with the Access Point instructions on the next page to activate mobile data.


STEP 2: Activate your X-1SinglePoint’s APN

Tools You Will Need: X-1SinglePoint with New SIM Card Installed from Step 1

  1. Access Settings and enter password.

  2. Open Settings: system setting: network & internet: mobile network: access point names: APN called T-Mobile US LTE.

  3. Click on "name not set"

  4. Type exact text: iot.tmowholesale

  5. Click on the back button and select your newly named APN iot.tmowholesale

  6. Click the back button again.

  7. Lastly, make sure that mobile data is turned on by going back to the settings mobile data. Message on screen should then read: "Mobile Data has been enabled."


STEP 3: Change Out the SIM Card on Your Cloud Connect Device

Tools You Will Need: Screwdriver

  1. Locate the cloud connect device in your fuel truck and unplug it from the serial cable.

  2. With your screwdriver, remove the 4 screws on your cloud connect & slide out center console from black casing.

  3. Find SIM card located on green processing board; use your thumb to slowly press and pull up its silver cover & pull out old SIM Card.

  4. From the new SIM Cards sent, pop out the "Micro SIM card" in the middle.

  5. Slide in new SIM card with the provider logo face up; slide back silver cover in place.

  6. Slide in center counsel inside it's black casing and replace the 4 screws.


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