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Streamlining Invoice Payments: The New Bulk Payment Feature in X-1 Portal

Updated: Apr 25

X-1 Portal has just unveiled an exciting new feature: Bulk Payment for customers’ outstanding invoices. This game-changing addition is set to transform the way companies handle their financial transactions within X-1FBO.

Customers will find great advantages of having access to the Portal’s bulk payment feature:

  • Simplified Payment Process: The Bulk Payment feature enables customers to pay multiple outstanding invoices with just a couple of clicks. No more navigating through a cumbersome array of individual invoices if you plan to use the same payment method. This streamlined approach saves valuable time for both pilots and aviation professionals.

  • Custom Payment Choices: Customers can choose which invoices to pay in bulk, giving them control over their finances. For example, crew members can easily select the 'Visa' invoices they want to pay, making the process flexible.

  • Alternative Payment Options: The feature allows customers to add an alternative payment method if they prefer not to use their card on file. This flexibility ensures that payment preferences are catered to, making transactions even more convenient.

All About Efficiency for the FBO!

Enhanced Efficiency: The Bulk Payment feature simplifies the invoice payment process for FBOs by reducing the administrative burden. With customers handling payments in bulk, the FBO's billing department can focus on other critical tasks, increasing overall efficiency.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Providing a user-friendly and efficient payment solution enhances customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to return, fostering long-term relationships between FBOs and their clientele.

  • Reduced Error Rates: By automating the payment process, the likelihood of payment errors decreases significantly. This reduces the need for manual reconciliation and dispute resolution, saving time and resources.

To take advantage of this exciting new feature, customers must have an active login to the X-1 Portal. Once logged in, they can access the Bulk Payment option for all invoices generated by the FBO. It's important to note that contract fuel invoices are not processed in the Portal and are handled directly by the FBO. Invoices are seamlessly fed into the Portal with a preselected payment method. Customers can then choose to use their card on file to pay multiple invoices, which will result in a single, consolidated payment. Alternatively, if they prefer an alternative payment type, they can add it to the Portal to settle their outstanding invoices.

The Bulk Payment feature in the X-1 Portal is a meaningful change for both customers and FBOs. It simplifies the payment process, enhances efficiency, and contributes to a more seamless aviation experience. If you're an FBO looking to streamline your billing process or a customer seeking a more convenient way to manage your aviation expenses, don't miss out on this opportunity!

To experience the benefits of the Bulk Payment feature and learn more about the X-1 Portal, we invite you to schedule a demo today. Discover how X-1FBO Software continues to lead the way in aviation technology, providing solutions that empower FBOs and their customers to soar to new heights of success.

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