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X-1 Portal: Customers Can Now Submit Their Own Fuel Orders

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

X-1 state-of-the-art suite of FBO technology solutions ranges from sound payment processing, automation of services using a combination of mobile app and cloud connection to accounting integrations, flight tracking with less blocked tails and fuel inventory management software. But now it goes beyond the FBO staff and involves FBO customers into what it's just the start of customer order self-management.

So How Does It Work?

X-1 Portal is a platform integrated with X-1FBO. After customers activate their account portal, they will have access to create and submit fuel orders that feed automatically into the FBO service requests list and to SinglePoint app, the fueling app for line service technicians.

Any customer account can have access to their portal, including flight schools and airlines.

No Need to call the FBO to put in your fuel order!

Crew members and operators with access to the customer's account portal have control over what is sent to the FBO as a fuel order, which prevents any human error when translating a fuel order if it was given by phone.

Track live progress of your fuel order

As soon as a fuel order is submitted through the portal, customers can check the status of the fueling as it goes, until it gets completed.

Other features in X-1 Portal:

  • Ability to request addition of a new aircraft to the fleet: From the Portal, customers can put in a request sent via email to the FBO so they can add a new tail number to their fleet.

  • Managing Operators: Admin users can add and manage Operators profiles to associate with a specific fuel order.

  • Managing Portal users: Admins can add other users and assign permissions to the portal, as well as disable inactive users.

X-1 Portal is a convenient solution for customers to have more control over how fuel orders are received by the FBO. It ensures all fuel orders are streamlined into the FBO's main system and dispatched accordingly without having to contact the FBO. An efficient, straightforward, and practical way for crew members and operators to have more autonomy when it comes to submitting their fuel orders.

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