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X-1 SinglePoint +: Bringing Dispatch Solutions to the Ramp

Updated: May 15, 2023

Have you considered having a dispatcher at your FBO to help prioritize service requests as it fits the operation? X-1 FBO suite of solutions has an upgrade to the current X-1 SinglePoint ramp app. The new feature allows you to streamline all requested services by being able to change the priority order directly to the ramp app. Here is how this works:

  1. Move pending services from X-1FBO to X-1 SinglePoint and Sort by priority:

In X-1FBO (desktop): SinglePoint + or 'dispatch module' will display all pending services grouped by service category for the day. Since these services show in the order that they are entered onto their aircraft request, there is a limitation as to what has priority if the operation required it. To solve this, X-1's dispatch module allows users to move each service entry over to the Dispatch section and sort them out with priority.

In X-1 SinglePoint: From the Pending Services tab, select the service type, then select 'Dispatched'

All dispatched services will show in the priority order they were given by the user from the SinglePoint + module

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