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The X-1 Café system provides your pilots, passengers and tenants the best alternative to the poor choices of the vending machines that are ubiquitous in the general aviation world. It also allows your caterers to provide a showcase of their products. By providing a self-service Café experience in cooperation with one of your FBO's most important vendors, the caterer, you can bring more and healthier choices to all of the FBO's users. Whether you're an FBO catering company or an FBO looking to provide the best customer amenities, X-1 Café will help you exceed expectations.



Higher-margin options

A café cooler stocked with fresh sandwiches, salads and parfaits not only provides healthier options but generates more spending. Studies have shown that customers are willing to pay more for healthy options. And pilots and crews will appreciate having something other than a bag of chips. All the transactions flow directly into X-1FBO or your accounting system.



More and better options

With your mix of fresh snacks and drinks, you're providing the best alternative to tired old vending machine snacks. With your new X-1 Café, you can showcase your catering options. The X-1 Café is a simple self-service point of sale system that gives your FBO a new platform for providing the best amenities to your pilots, passengers and staff.



Higher customer satisfaction

With the X-1 Café System, your catering can be showcased like never before. Display an array of fresh sandwiches, salads, drinks and snacks in a modern open cooler. Your customers can select their items and quickly scan and purchase them on the X-1 Café terminal.

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