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Fast, Touchless, Cost-Effective Payment Comes to the FBO – Introducing new X-1PAY features


Fast, Touchless, Cost-Effective Payment Comes to the FBO – Introducing new X-1PAY features

Palmetto Bay, FL – GMSTEK, LLC (“GMSTEK”), the developer and marketer of the industry leading X-1FBO suite of software and hardware products for General Aviation, today announced the launch of new features for X-1PAY. For the first time, FBOs can accept touchless payments anywhere at the FBO and they can do it with lower cost X-1PAY Direct Debit Transactions.

FBO transactions always take longer than they should. The last thing pilots want to do at the end of a visit to an FBO is to stand in line waiting to pay as a CSR collects the information for an invoice. With X-1FBO and X-1PAY, invoices are instantaneous and accurate. With a pilot community that is getting younger the expectations around payment and the ease at which they can be performed continues to grow and the X-1FBO team is providing the solutions. And for FBOs, credit card processing costs continue to add up. In a COVID-19 era, efficient and touchless payment are very attractive to FBO customers and FBOs alike.

Enter the X-1PAY suite of frictionless transaction solutions. X-1FBO is introducing several new tools and solutions around FBO payments and transactions that simplify the process, lower the costs and drive a much higher degree of customer satisfaction.

X-1PAY Anywhere – With the X-1PAY handheld Point-of-Sale terminal, credit card payments can be accepted anywhere on the field or at the counter. The X-1PAY Point-of-Sale Terminal makes your quick turns that much quicker or allows you to complete transactions on remote ramps and Customs, saving another trip out to the ramp. Just swipe your card, and a paper or emailed receipt is provided. And the customer can leave in record time.

X-1PAY Email – An invoice can be emailed by the Customer Service Representative with a payment link. The pilot can open it up, go to an encrypted site, choose a card on file or input a new one. Add X-1PAY Direct Debit and the customer can pay directly from their bank accounts at a fraction of normal processing costs for the FBO. Fast, convenient and safe.

X-1PAY Autopay – Autopilot for A/R. For FBOs who have hangar tenants and customers who pay every month, this is a highly cost-effective and efficient method of collecting these fees each month. Just set the customer up on X-1PAY Direct Debit, and then debit their account easily and rapidly once a month. No more calls asking where’s the payment. Most importantly, the FBO saves 60%-70% vs. credit card fees.

According to Jim Wiley, CEO, “One of the things we wanted to address when we created X-1FBO was how inefficient the payment and invoicing processes where at FBO’s. It just takes too long to pay in most places. The other side of that coin is as a GM, I hated high credit card processing costs, especially with my hangar customers.” Continued Wiley, “Coming from and FBO that was paying as much as $38k a month, it was something we needed to address. That’s why when I had the chance, I made sure that we developed X-1PAY. It makes the payment process easy, reliable, fast and cost-effective.”

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Jim Wiley, Co-Founder & CEO, (786) 625-5070,
Stephen Sandler, Co-Founder & CFO, (786) 625-5075,

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