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Monica Sarduy, VP of Sales and Marketing at X-1FBO, Joins FABA Board, Bringing Expertise to Further FABA's Mission


Monica Sarduy, VP of Sales and Marketing at X-1FBO, Joins FABA Board, Bringing Expertise to Further FABA's Mission

Monica Sarduy, VP of Sales & Marketing, X-1FBO.

Miami, FL - In a move that promises to strengthen the efforts of the Florida Aviation Business Association (FABA) in advancing the interests of the General Aviation industry, Monica Sarduy, the esteemed Vice President of Sales and Marketing at X-1FBO, has been appointed as the newest FABA Board member. With her extensive knowledge and experience in FBO software, digital marketing and event planning, Monica's addition to the board is expected to make a significant impact on FABA's use of technology to achieve their mission and goals.

FABA, a renowned non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting and supporting the growth of the General Aviation industry in Florida, focuses on advocating for the interests of businesses involved in aviation. By fostering a collaborative environment and leveraging industry partnerships, FABA aims to enhance the economic and social contributions of General Aviation in the state.

Monica Sarduy's appointment as a FABA Board member is a testament to her years of experience of leadership. As the VP of Sales and Marketing at X-1FBO, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs), Monica has spearheaded numerous successful marketing campaigns and business development strategies. Her Marketing knowledge will undoubtedly assist in advancing FABA's mission.

FABA's recent accomplishments in the General Aviation sector have demonstrated the association's dedication to the industry. Their efforts to foster a favorable regulatory environment and promote best practices have positively impacted aviation businesses across the state. By engaging with stakeholders, legislators, and regulatory bodies, FABA has consistently advocated for policies that enhance the growth and sustainability of the industry.

In a show of commitment, Monica Sarduy, in collaboration with X-1FBO, will be sponsoring FABA's anticipated networking event on June 29th, to be held at Sheltair Aviation in Jacksonville, FL. This event is expected to gather influential figures from the aviation community, providing a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and industry collaboration. The support and sponsorship from X-1FBO further exemplifies Monica's dedication to advancing the General Aviation industry and FABA's mission.

Monica Sarduy expressed her excitement about joining the FABA Board, stating, "I am truly honored to be appointed as a board member of FABA. I am eager to contribute my expertise and work alongside fellow industry leaders to further the goals of FABA and drive positive change in the General Aviation sector."

Monica Sarduy’ s appointment to the FABA Board, along with FABA's recent achievements, reflects a promising future for the General Aviation industry in Florida. As FABA continues to work diligently towards fostering growth, collaboration, and regulatory advocacy, the addition of Monica Sarduy's expertise is certain to complement the organization and the industry to new heights.

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Daiana Basanta

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