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The NEW X-1FBO website is here!


The NEW X-1FBO website is here!

Palmetto Bay, FL – GMSTEK, LLC (“GMSTEK”), the developer and marketer of the industry leading X-1FBO suite of software and hardware products for General Aviation, today announced the launch of its new website. The website utilizes advanced technology to communicate the benefits of the acclaimed X-1FBO suite of products and provides an opportunity for General Aviation participants to exchange ideas, schedule a demo plus much more.

Important information is provided about X-1FBO, its features and benefits. The individual modules are concisely described with a combination of words and informative graphics. The Community Log in is set to go to serve as a marketplace of ideas for the General Aviation ecosystem. The navigation is designed to be easy and intuitive.

In addition to the new X-1FBO Community, the new site includes a calculator that helps determine your savings with the X-1PAY Direct Debit features built into X-1FBO. The new site is also designed to bring attention to how much emphasis the team places on Implementation and Support. The Customer Support team at X-1 is simple the best in the business and the tools we provide the customers help us go above and beyond in supporting their businesses on a daily basis.

Other new features on the site include an in-depth explanation of how flexible X-1FBO is when it comes to accounting and help you become familiar with the default accounting package, Microsoft Business Central. A new News section where we look forward to sharing the latest industry news and keeping the you up to date on the latest happenings at X-1. We also have more information on our custom development and payment processing development capabilities where you can better understand how the team behind X-1FBO can help your business succeed in the digital transformation of the FBO industry over the next several years.

According to Jim Wiley, CEO, “In recent years, we have grown; and we needed a website to reflect our growth, our capabilities and our new prominence as the “Go to” solution for FBOs and General Aviation when it comes to technology”. Continued Wiley, “We needed a vehicle that would highlight the innovation that we have brought to FBOs which translates into previously unheard of levels of efficiency, customer satisfaction, revenue growth and increases in profitability for our customers. Making it easier and better, that’s what we’re all about. And we’ve just begun to innovate!"

Media Contacts
Jim Wiley, Co-Founder & CEO, (786) 625-5070,
Stephen Sandler, Co-Founder & CFO, (786) 625-5075,

X-1FBO Marketing Team

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