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X-1 Force Feature: Joe Norris, Line Service Technician, Line Service, Aircraft Specialists Services


X-1 Force Feature: Joe Norris, Line Service Technician, Line Service, Aircraft Specialists Services

Joe Norris, Line Service Technician, Line Service, Aircraft Specialists Services

So, Joe, tell me how did you end up in Aviation?

"I fell in love with aviation after a New Year’s Trip with the family 2013-2014. We were flying overseas to Europe country hopping. We had a lot of connecting flights and I just found myself in awe with each take off and landing."

So you were young when you became inspired in the air? How old are you now and when did apply at your first FBO?

"In 2019 at the age of 17, I applied for my first FBO position. I just started working for Aircraft Specialist last September and I am loving it."

What do you love about it?

"Where do I begin? I think what I love most is the people. Talking to the awesome people who come in and out the airport. From the pilots, employees and my co-workers. It’s pretty cool to say that I tow and fuel aircrafts too.

I love creating the ultimate client experience. We go above and beyond for a smooth process. We pride ourselves in overdelivering. We have a unique collection of bourbons on display that our clients look forward to each inspired by our owner Todd Strause. Coincidentally enough, there is a Bourbon tour across the river. "

Favorite aircraft:

"The Gulfstream newer models, such a luxury aircraft in comparison to Sovereign or Lattitude or Bravo. I have heard people say that they are the “Bentleys” of private aircrafts."

Outside of work what are you into?

"When I am not dreaming of the air I am pretty grounded. I don’t mind working with my hands. Anything from outdoor work, gardening. I am even helping my parents build a house. I guess I love anything that makes me sore and tired at the end of the day."

Interesting facts about you:

"I guess out of work that I love caving and exploring, frisbee golf, and reading Sci-Fi. I was literally reading a Sci-Fi Novel before taking this interview call."

Favorite part about X-1:

"Customer support, Exceptional Service, the X-1 community – Billing out the customers was too complicated before. Everything is saved in the system, so I do not have worry about ever messing up a customer’s name, credit card info or applying a discount or a credit. Definitely makes us more efficient and my life easier at work."

What is your favorite quote or saying and why?

"You get what you settle for. If you don't like where you are at, then strive for better, settle for something better."

Have a funny or fun story to share from a work experience? We would love to hear it!

"There is a video that was posted on Instagram on a social media meme page of me falling in the bucket of a tug whilst I was marshaling, it got thousands of views and it was a good laugh for everyone."

Strangest request from a customer?

"Door dash me two brooms please! I was concerned that Door Dash even offered"

- Monica Sarduy

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