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X-1FBO Announces the launch of X-1PAY


X-1FBO Announces the launch of X-1PAY

Palmetto Bay, FL – GMSTEK, LLC today announced the launch of X-1PAY which is designed to drive a new level of convenience and cost-effectiveness for FBOs and their customers alike.

A continuing source of inconvenience for pilots has been having to go to the CSR and wait to pay after all services have been completed. It all to often involves the CSR verifying services while the crew waits and waits. For FBOs, collecting from hangar tenants and collecting other recurring payments costs time and money.

With X-1PAY, customers will never have to wait to pay again; payments can be automated with recurring payments like hangar rentals; and payments can be made anywhere on the field. X-1 PAY’s suite of tools and services speeds up payments with lower transaction costs and more.

Need to swipe a card on a remote ramp or at Customs to get the pilots out quickly? Just bring the X-1PAY Point-of-Sale Terminal with you. X-1PAY also has the ability to send out invoices and statements to customers that can be paid right from the email. In fact, X-1PAY even enables FBOs to automate late fees and discounts to incentivize faster payments. There’s nothing like X-1 Pay.

According to Jim Wiley, CEO, “X-1PAY is another advance in our quest to bring long needed automation to General Aviation. X-1 PAY improves customer service in a highly cost effective manner. Customers will love it, and so will Customer Service. Continued Wiley, “Our high tech X-1 products are becoming the industry standard as they drive simplicity, better customer service, higher revenue and higher margins for FBOs.”

X-1FBO Marketing Team

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