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X-1Force Spotlight Jason Liepe


X-1Force Spotlight Jason Liepe

Jason Liepe, Senior Sales Executive, X-1FBO

Jason has been involved in the aviation industry most of his life. He has seen and enjoyed aviation from many viewpoints. From a little kid in his Dad’s Cessna, to becoming an airline captain, Mr. Liepe has always remained in the aviation industry. In 2002, he was the cofounder of

His love for technology and aviation eventually leads him to join forces with us at X-1FBO. His insight and knowledge is a great asset to this team. As a Sales Executive, his expertise allows him to consult his customers on another level.

What this Pilot Likes About X-1FBO
“I have two favorite things about X-1. The first is the team. The team is excellent and most of them have worked at an FBO. My second favorite thing is that innovation is part of the culture. The team at X-1 is constantly thinking about the small details that make FBO operations run smoothly. Features such as X-1 SinglePoint and X-1 Pilot are changing the industry.”

Outside of work:
When he is not in the air, he is hitting the ground cycling or spending time with his wife and 3 children.

Favorite Quote
“The golden rules are how we change the World.” Matthew 22:37-40.

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Monica Sarduy, VP of Marketing & Sales

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