Automate + future-proof your business.

Increase margins, improve service, operate efficiently.

The FBO business continues to become more and more complex. To be successful, the FBO of the future will have to adapt to the quickening pace of technology and provide tools that allow the staff, from the General Manager to the Line Service Technician to get a better view of the operation. Our cloud-based X-1FBO enables your organization to automate operations from Fueling to Invoicing which allows your staff to focus on service and safety in ways never possible before. No longer does your legacy software drive how you run your FBO. Instead, X-1FBO adapts to your FBO. X-1FBO is on target because it was developed by a team of seasoned FBO professionals who understand the realities of operating a modern ground handling business and are determined to lead the way into the future.


Easy to Implement

X-1FBO is easy to deploy with our customer service staff of aviation professionals who will work closely with you and your team throughout the short process. X-1FBO easily integrates your data from various sources, including the ability to import customer and aircraft data from your legacy FB0 platform. It won’t take long for you and your team to be experiencing the power of X-1FBO.


Configurable to Your FBO

X-1FBO is a consolidated platform that can be truly personalized for your operation. Business rules, language, currency…even units of measure, can all be configured to your FBO’s specific needs.


Multi-Tenancy Architecture

Works with one or multiple locations. Centralized and location reporting available through our report engines. Sites automatically provisioned for corporate management and other users. Completely auditable.

Easy Third Party Application Integration

Easy integration with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics and other mission critical applications.


24/7/365 Customer Support

We are FBO people and understand the importance of fast, friendly and effective customer support. With a CEO who worked his way up from Line Service Technician to a Customer Support staff of CSR’s, Customer Service Managers and trainers, all of our support staff comes from the FBO industry. Our US-based Customer Service is available 24/7/365 to respond to your questions and needs. And they are backed up by our highly skilled technical support engineers and developers who follow ITIL best practices.


Safe, Reliable & Cost Effective

X-1FBO resides on the world renowned Amazon Web Services. With X-1FBO, you will no longer need to have a large internal IT infrastructure devoted to operations, freeing up the IT staff for other important projects.

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