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5 Ways Your FBO Can Use QR Code Systems

Updated: May 2, 2023

By Daiana Basanta, Marketing Lead at X-1FBO

X-1 Media & I'm Here Application
X-1 Media & I'm Here app, that is pictured here, allows drivers to check-in to your FBO without front desk staff.

In recent years, FBOs have sought to automate their operations and catch up with other branches of General Aviation that have adopted and implemented innovative solutions in areas such as manufacturing, flight planning operations and avionics. There are affordable solutions readily available for FBOs to automate and better integrate processes from A to Z. Quick Response (QR code) technology is one of these solutions.

So, how can this technology help your FBO operation?


FBOs could streamline transportation, catering and other third-party services into the main scheduling or POS system. Limo drivers would check in to pick someone up by scanning a QR code with their mobile devices. At this point the driver’s contact and flight information links to the reservation and could even send a notification that a driver is on standby. Likewise, FBOs could apply this same check-in technology for car rental, catering and dry-cleaning deliveries. This would help avoid errors and save the staff time by reducing manual entry, keep all employees on shift aware of all service updates and streamline internal communications.


QR codes can be a quick access to get payment from customers on outstanding invoices. POS systems with QR code integration can allow for contactless payment solutions, making payment collection easier and more effective.


FBOs can take advantage of QR code systems to perform pilot surveys and get direct feedback to improve the business while tackling their customers’ needs.

Take it a step further to engage your customers in the AIN FBO survey by giving them a quick access to their survey page through their mobile devices. Management teams can also create surveys for their staff. Employee surveys are a great tool to increase morale, encourage honest feedback and allow managers to be aware of potential problems in the FBO.


Quick response systems are a great Marketing tool. FBOs can use contactless ad campaigns to promote tradeshows and engage visitors. This technology can also serve as a platform for paid ads by other partners that would want the visibility and exposure of an FBO.


This would be the easiest way to engage FBO’s target audience with your social media content and increase your earned media audience. Get more track on social media by interacting with your crew members and partners instead of asking them to follow your pages with no tangible way of tracking it.

In our expanding contactless technology universe, FBOs can innovate and adopt these QR code systems that are not expensive and yet make a significant impact on your business model. The key element in any FBO technology is integration and automation, and if you are taking steps towards accomplishing this, you are most definitely in the right direction to stand out among others in the industry.

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