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Automate All Aspects
of Your FBO

X-1 creates a seamless experience. Our technology will allow your FBO staff to be proactive upon arrival.

Manage from one platform: Service, Point of Sale, Fuel Management, Accounting, Flight Tracking and much more.

FBO Software, by FBO people

User-Friendly, Color-Coded Icons

24/7 Live Customer Support

Unprecedented Fueling Automation

Questions? Call (786) 725-5058 or email

Core Includes:

Learn The SMARTER Way To Run Your FBO

Customizable, Rules-Based Pricing

In Depth Reporting & Accounting Integrations

Cloud Based & Unlimited Users

X-1FBO Pricing LP

FBO Operations Management Software

SMARTER Packages




Made for the Smaller FBO


Completely Web-Based

Simple Icons allow for seamless navigation

Invoice everything in one place

Connect directly with your processors

Easy accounting export files

Quickly set up your fuel and contract pricing

User-Friendly dashboard that enables you to see your invoices, fuel volumes, and revenue

Upgrade Options:

X-1Pay POS Terminal For Payment on the Ramp

And/Or Save money on processing with X-1Pay Merchant Services

*Setup Fees & Hardware Not Included




A Proactive Customer Service Model


Completely Web-Based & Unlimited Users

Client & Aircraft Management

Schedule Management

Alerts & Notifications

Custom Rules-Based Pricing

Virtually quote all pricing on the spot

Email invoicing with Payment link

Exportable, customizable reports & electronic statements

Accounting integrations to all major software (ex: Quickbooks, Microsoft & Sage)

FlightBridge integration

24/7 Customer Service Support

*Setup Fees & Hardware Not Included

Upgrade Options:

X-1Pay POS Terminal For Payment on the Ramp

And/Or Save money on processing with X-1Pay Merchant Services

Fuel Up - Fuel Management



Full Visibility of Your Supply


Track a gallon of fuel from the time it's delivered to the moment you put it in an aircraft

Manage multiple inventories

Color-coded fuel types

Add tank sensors to monitor truck levels in real-time

Correcting an invoice won't upset your fueling inventory

Screen Views that show volume by farm, truck or tank

*Setup Fees, Hardware & Data Plan Not Included

Fully Ramped
X-1 SinglePoint



Visibility on the Ramp


All Core & Fuel Benefits

Fuel orders and customer requests go directly to truck electronically

Built-in digital radio allows you to group users easily, replay missed messages and more

Rugged Hardware made for the ramp

Direct connections to fueling

Real-time access to your schedule 

Add & Complete Services on device & invoice instantly

Generate a fuel ticket with just four buttons - Accept, Start, Stop, and Submit

*Setup Fees, Hardware & Data Plan Not Included


Off the Radar



FBO Focused Flight Tracking


All benefits from Core, Fuel, and Fully Ramped

Ad-Free flight tracking software application

Flights are integrated with FBO Requests & Reservations

Historical Data

Smart Filters: see only the flights you are looking for

Standalone Flight Tracker Price: 

*Setup Fees, Hardware & Data Plan Not Included

Pay Anywhere on the Ramp

/per device


Contactless Payments


Rugged Hardware Design

30mm thermal printer

Uses QR and UPC scanning, NFC and magstripe to read payments

sign, print and email the receipt

​PCI-PTS 4.1 Certified

Add X-1Pay Debit and Merchant Services to save an average of more than $25 per transaction

*Setup Fees & Data Plan Not Included

We Make Software Onboarding Easy.

Change does not have to scary. From data migration to, onboarding & training. X-1 helps you every step of the way.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png
Joel Comstock - Ross - SUA(4).jpeg

Best customer service & fuel management.

The SMARTER Way to Run Your FBO

X1 FBO white.png

Real-time view of your operation from the front desk to the ramp.

A Revolution on
the Ramp

X1 Single Point.png

Less blocked tail numbers
and ad free.

More than Just
Flight Tracking


Modernize the invoice process and save money.

Accept Payments Anywhere

X1 Pay Logo Green.png
for website copy.jpg

Save payments and view
and pay invoices.

Wallet & Contactless Payment App

X-1 Pilot logo.png

Sophisticated self-service point of sale system for your café or lounge.

Self Serve Food
& Checkout

X1 CAFE.png

Over 1,900 Users at FBOs across the globe!

Some of Our Customers

Kenny Meanpa - Telluride Airport

Kenny Meanpa - Telluride Airport

"We appreciate the great partnership we've had with X-1FBO since 2018. Telluride Regional Airport FBO has been using the innovative X-1FBO for fueling, business activity, Point-of-Sale and mobile apps for enhanced customer service and FBO management. We look forward to their continued innovation and new products and features."

Find Out More About X-1

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